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11 May 2022



With the pandemic, needs and values ​​have changed and continue to change. Identifying unmet needs is critical to growth.

People are more aware of the damage they are doing to the planet than ever before.

The common belief, goodness will prevail, and the world will be enveloped in new tissue.

The transformation has begun.

The choices we make from now on affect our world more than ever we can imagine, and they change and transform our lives, our environment, our jobs, our loved ones, and our relationships.

There are also great opportunities for designing new systems and new ways of being.

We will listen to different ideas about the new world order and new ideas for the future from 50 speakers.

The 3rd Global Gastro Economy Summit is on May 11, 2022, at Lütfi Kırdar Congress Center. Tickets are at Biletix.

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