In 2003 we joined forces as restaurateurs, investors and managers who has achieved significant breakthroughs in gastronomy and entertainment industry and established TURYID.

TURYID is a non-governmental organization and it’s building up and expansion process continues mainly in İstanbul and in other cities.

TURYID undertook the pioneering mission in food, beverages and entertainment industries starting from the moment of its establishment.

So in the 13 years left behind several viable concepts that are perceived as role models have been introduced to the sector due to this mission. While carrying on with works for the adoption of new generation restaurant business understanding, it has also given support to sectoral research. İstanbul Gastro Map © project has been completed, which is the first gastro map in Turkey, in order to support the Gastronomy Tourism. Gastro Map has also been applied on mobile platform.

TURYID member institutions are very sensitive about maintaining and updating the characteristic traditional hospitality norms via a service understanding, which is even beyond the European Union standards. Beside all these efforts, they are leading the way for making considerable contributions to the economy by direct, indirect and additional employment as a noteworthy actor of the tourism sector.

We, as TURYID, are very well aware that there is a huge potential and we still have a long way to go in this field. To achieve this end, while we integrate the eastern and western cultures gastronomically, we are working hard to maximize the number of guests coming to our country.

We are promoting our delicacies in the best manner both at home and in cities such as London, Paris, Moscow, New York, Dubai and we are presenting the innovative and modern face of Turkey to the world.