Mustafa Çamlıca

Chamlica The Founder and Owner

Mustafa Çamlıca has begun his career as a finance inspector in 1984, at the Ministry of Finance, between 1994-1996 he worked at PricewaterhouseCoopers. In 1996, he joined Arthur Andersen. He was appointed to heading the Department of Turkey Tax Services in 2001 and in 2002, he joined Ernst & Young as head of the tax services department of the Southeast European region. He has retired from Ernst & Young Turkey country head position in 2016.

Chamlija started the viticulture project in 2006. As a result of 1-year research, the purchase of lands began in 2007. The first vineyard sapling were erected in 2008 and continued uninterruptedly. Chamlija is the largest wine vineyard producer in Thrace with a total of 900.000 square meters of vineyard. The first production was made in 2011. Chamlija still holds the title of the best wine producer in the Balkans.

Selim Ellialtı

Suvla Founder

After his education at TED Ankara College and Boğaziçi University, he returned to Ankara and realized his youth dream and founded the first art gallery and Bistro Café in the city at that time. He then continued his career as a general manager in the technology industry.

This period was followed by technology companies that he established and sold one after another.

After selling his last enterprise Protek technology company to an Austrian technology company in 2002, he started a brand new venture and begun to invest vineyard and olive grove in Eceabat.

Further, invested in a winery and an olive processing facility in 2009. Private label wines and olive products are on the market as of 2011.

He returned to the technology that he had paused, to finance the ongoing needs of the vineyard. After 7 years of Microsoft experience as the General Manager responsible for the Middle East and Africa, he chose the leaning-onto-time aspect of the wine to the competing dynamics of technology. He continues his career with his brand Suvla, which he has set his heart on as a retirement Project.

Zeynep Arca Şallıel

Arcadia Winery Co-Founder and CEO

Zeynep Arca Şallıel is the founding partner and director of Arcadia Vineyards.

After finishing her degree on International Relations & Diplomacy in France, she has worked in film production, than she joined family’s business in Tourism Investments. In 2002 she founded Arcadia Vineyards with her father Özcan Arca, and followed further studies on viticulture, winemaking and wine tasting. In UC Davis University California and in Université du Vin in France.

For over 10 years of Arcadia vineyard and winemaking set-up she has worked alongside with Prof. Alain Carbonneau and Dr. Michel Salgues.

In October 2016, Zeynep Arca Şallıel received the “Woman Entrepreneur Who Makes a Difference in Her Region” Award in the National competition organized by Garanti Bank, the Women Entrepreneurs Association of Turkey (KAGİDER) and Economist magazine.

She was granted for the EY Entrepreneur Women Leaders program in 2018-2019.

She teaches in Yeditepe University Gastronomy Department to contribute to the spreading of correct information and raising awareness on wine and wine Tourism

And joins in conferences as a speaker.