Big Chefs - Founding Partner & CEO


Big Chefs - Founding Partner & CEO


Born in 1968. Ms. Gamze Cizreli graduated from Middle East Technical University, Department of Business Administration.

After the graduation, she started her business career in restaurant business by creating  the first cafe concept “CAFEMİZ” in Ankara. Afterwards, created the brand “KUKİ” that brings a different point of view to pastry&bakery,  and another brand “QUICK CHINA” which offered  Far East cuisine with affordable prices.

In 2007, Gamze Cizreli created a new brand “BIG CHEFS Cafe Brasserie” in Ankara.

In 2009, with a new partnership, she opened the first location in  Istanbul. The brand expanded rapidly. Today Big Chefs has reached total of 50 locations  (44 locations in Turkey, 6 abroad) with more than 2.500 employees and 5.5 million visitors a year.

She created a sister brand “Big Dürüm”, a Quick Service Restaurant Concept.

In September 2016, The company made a partnership with an European based Private Equity Fund, Taxim Capital.  Gamze Cizreli currently serves as the CEO and Executive Board Member of Big Chefs.

Gamze Cizreli was awarded as the “Woman Entrepreneur of the Year” competiton in 2011, 2013 and 2017  by Economist magazine. She is also Executive Board Member in KAGIDER  (Women Entrepreneurs Association of Turkey, in TURYID (Turkish Restaurant and Entertainment Association.) and in BMD (United Brands Association).

Gamze Cizreli has two sons.

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